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In 2015, the Rockefeller foundation and the Lancet introduced the concept of Planetary Health as “the health of human civilization and the state of the natural systems on which it depends”. In the light (or should we say ‘darkness’) of the climate change, the importance of Planetary Health is getting more apparent every day. But how does the change in our natural surrounding influence our health? What are examples of this interconnectedness and what can we do about it? How can we learn from each other across the globe and act together? These are all questions we will discuss together in the Planetary Health Talks podcast, presented by the Knowledge Centre Global Health and hosted by Ashis Brahma, story teller and forensic medical doctor, co-hosted by Renée Robbers, junior researcher and project officer at Knowledge Centre Global Health. Knowledge Centre Global Health (KCGH) aims to support and facilitate knowledge exchange in the field of global health. We do this by connecting healthcare and global health professionals, making knowledge accessible, learning from it and thereby promoting global health knowledge application in the Dutch healthcare. If you have questions or comments related to the podcast, please reach out by email: - Website

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Friday Dec 30, 2022

In this sixth episode of Planetary Health Talks we talk with Pim Martens, Professor of Planetary Health at the University of Maastricht. Pim explains how he calls himself a ‘scientivist’’, an activist through science, and how he tried to spread the word about climate change in earlier days. We talk about how Pim interviewed religious and indigenous leaders across the world and about their views on the interconnectedness of nature and humans. How can we make way through the complexity of planetary health, how can we explain it to a bigger audience and perhaps influence change? Pim talks about working together with youth, connecting with each other, multi- and interdisciplinarity and how this is important when we want to contribute to the field of planetary health.

Thursday Dec 22, 2022

In this fifth episode of Planetary Health Talks we talk with Arte Groenewegen, medical student, co-founder of the CO2-assistent and planetary health passionate. We talk about building a movement, how indigenous peoples live in harmony with nature and the Capitalocene vs Anthropocene. In the podcast Arte talks about Active Hope, a book by Joanna Macy, and how gratitude is a powerful weapon that we should use to change from consumerism to a focus on health. How do we stay hopeful in times of chaos and how can we influence policy? Arte hopes she will forever have her playful and childish curiosity, and so do we. Keep inspiring Arte!

Thursday Dec 15, 2022

In this fourth episode of Planetary Health Talks we talk with Remco Kort, professor microbiology and planetary health advocate at the VU in Amsterdam. We talk about the relationship between humans and bacteria, vaginal health, about Micropia and exposing microbes to the public. Remco explains how everything has evolved in a planet full of microbes and in order to be successful we need to work together with these micro-organisms. Microbes form a layer of defence in humans, animals and plants. Remco also explains the long-term effects of the lack of exposure to microbes and the link between microbes and chronic disease. How can we ‘use’ planetary health to find common ground, so we can act together?

Thursday Dec 08, 2022

In this third episode of Planetary Health Talks, we talk with Lekha Rathod, a young global health researcher and physician with experience in primary and emergency healthcare in low- and high- resourced settings, and chair of the Planetary Health working group of the World Medical Association's Junior Doctors Network. Lekha was also world medical association delegate and represented UMC Utrecht at the COP27.
We talk about the slums in Mumbai, infectious diseases in refugee camps in Lesbos, decolonizing global health, equity in health access and how research from some parts of the world does not get as much attention as it deserves.
How do we expand the movement of planetary health? What would Lekha do, if she was secretary general of the United Nations for one year? Lekha is going to conquer the world, mark our words!

Thursday Dec 01, 2022

In this second episode of Planetary Health Talks, we talk with Jorieke van der Stelt, GP and Global Health Doctor. We discuss applying our health framework within the health framework of our planet, motivation to act, changing values and planetary health education. We talk about how we define ourselves to nature listening to the voice of the planet and having hope for transformative change.

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

In this first episode of Planetary Health Talks, we talk with Hugo Touw, intensivist at Radboudumc and member of the Zorg voor Klimaat (Care for Climate) network. We discuss Sam Myers’ Framework and the drivers of Planetary Health. Hugo describes how we need to carry the discomfort of taking action and how we should take Planetary Health seriously. We talk about COP27, patience, learning from each other, buying time, making choices and making impact.

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